The hardest part of starting up is starting out

StartUps Technologies PLC “StartUps” is an Ethiopian early stage incubation hub with focus on funding and accelerating innovative ideas that will promote Ethiopia’s growth.


An idea that is borne out of a fundamental desire to solve real life problems is what we are looking for
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Commit to solving the problem with unitary focus. Be prepared to fail, but not to fail to execute.
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Product market fitness is a key litmus test for the balance between the solution and what the market desires. Together, we take the solution from the “Lab” to the real world to learn, iterate, and to always learn.


Now that the market has accepted the product, the next natural goal is to serve a larger addressable base through progressive product enhancement. Your championship is our success!

Got the right solution?

Ethiopia has problems, lots of them. And you have identified the right solution for one of these problems. We live in the same reality so we should agree on the problem, but the solution shouldn’t remain in your head. Let’s build it together!

In the Ethiopian context, start-up incubators and hubs are not “nice to have” resources, they are a lifeline to anyone aspiring to take the first step of an entrepreneurial journey

Measured pat on the back, but lots of work awaits.

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    Entrepreneurs live their own dreams, not those of others’.

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